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Easter 2014 (Apparently this holiday gets me to update this blog…) April 20, 2014

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Yep.  It’s been since October.  But hey.  No excuses here.  Today’s pics are worth your wait.  I promise. :)

So just like I did last time (which strangely wasn’t last year) I took an Easter walk down memory lane, and it seemed only fitting to do it again.  I don’t know if it’s because of the ages my kids are now, or that I’m getting old (thank you for not telling me which you think it is!), I feel like Riley looks pretty much the same, while Allison is aging two or three years at a time.  What do you think?

Ok, so here are the last few years of Easter pics:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOk, so I will admit, he does look older now than he does here….Easter 2011

292122_10100783913547920_15913562_54781936_716021583_nEaster 2012

SONY DSCEaster 2013–that may be THE CUTEST Allie pic ever.  Well, until we take the next cutest pic, I guess. :)

easter147Easter 2014 (See what I mean about Allie being YEARS older?  She was such a baby last year!! Not anymore…)

One thing I love about having all the kiddos in the family now, is that we seem to take more pictures together.  Well, that’s also thanks to the fabulous talents of Beth Baker, too.  She’s just pretty amazing.  So here are a few more cute ones.  Just because. :)


This was my attempt (only one so far) at matching Easter outfits. Riley was SO excited about that tie!


Riley LOVES his little cousins. Cohen is a fave. :)


Say “cheese”, Cohen-man! I should dig out the pic I have that looks like this one only when Lucy was little…


Mimi and Pop and all their littles. :)


This year was a purposeful color choice. Don’t know about Allie’s face. Maybe I made her put on shoes??


Cousins after the egg hunt. Can’t wait til next year when Cohen can join us!


We were all (mostly) color-coordinated–without even trying! It was pretty remarkable.

So I guess the challenge now is not to wait another whole year before I post again, huh?  Well, cross your fingers. :)


October 20 October 20, 2013

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Today’s post is photo-randomness.  Things that were on my mind.  Enjoy!

2013-10-20 15.58.45Riley and I went to a Kirkwood Cardinal’s football game today, in support of a student of mine.  We ran into another (former) student of mine while we were there!  What fun Riley had running around playing tag with my old friend.  They actually met last year (since Riley’s at our school and often in my room when kids are around), and remembered each other.  So fun.  Especially since he really wasn’t interested in the game…:)

2013-10-20 19.14.19This one celebrates something Allie is FINALLY doing on the potty now.  Without too much detail, I’ll just tell you that she’s been getting 1 of these chocolate chips for doing something in the right place for some time now.  And the last few days, she’s finally begun earning 2 chips at a time.  Yay, Allie girl! Ha!

2013-10-20 20.31.21I am officially (and finally) a coffee drinker!  Grant laughs because he thinks I’ve just added another vice, but I think it’s actually replacing the thousands of ounces of soda I’d drink in a day.  And it’s really not that bad.  Just a coffee in the morning with breakfast or on the way to school (which is especially great since it’s cold out again), and only with natural things, like milk and maple syrup for sweetening.  Tonight I even made my own all-natural coffee creamer!  (I was going to include those photos here, but hey–creamer is not really that interesting in a picture…)  So glad that Keurig we bought ourselves for Christmas last year is getting used again.  YUM!

2013-10-20 20.31.49This picture is interesting because it reminds me that I never shared the updates of my laundry room from last winter.  But the real reason I wanted to post this today is that I wanted to record the fact that I am FINALLY up to date on laundry (well as much as you can be when people are still wearing clothes every day…).  For what seems like FOREVER, you couldn’t see the top of that dryer because it was covered with clothes.  I mean, at least they were clean clothes, but what a mess!  There are tubs on that upper shelf there, too, that have been full of other clothes for a while now, too (and are in theory supposed to be always empty and just serve as a transport device from laundry room to bedrooms).  But now they are all cleaned out!  It did take me doing laundry for many hours on a Saturday night, but hey, I’ll take it however I can get it.  I feel a lot better being a little bit out in front of the 8 ball now, you know??

2013-10-20 20.32.02Ok, one more: a calendar that is actually correctly showing the month we are in.  That is all I have to say about that one. :)

How have you been lately?  Are you finally catching up on things you’ve been behind on for months like me?  Tell me about them!  I’ll definitely celebrate with you! :)


October 19 October 19, 2013

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Here’s a pic for today:

2013-10-19 18.55.32 While there are so many fabulous things I could say about this little girlie of mine, I had to just share the outfit she was wearing this evening.  She started the day with a dress that matched those leggings.  Then she wanted to put on a fancy winter/Christmas dress because she got some shiny shoes this afternoon.  Then, as she found this other favorite dress, she needed another wardrobe change.  As I was doing laundry tonight, I found this jacket and wanted her to try it on to make sure it still fit.  She decided it needed to stay on–and so this fabulously stylish outfit was born. :)  What a crazy girl.  I am amazed at how picky particular she is about what she wears–especially with shoes.  What are we in for with this one??

And since I have no pictures of Riley from recently (he just isn’t into me taking his pic right now), I just have to share how much I am loving this age that he is now.  I find that I have said this about most every age he has been, but there is something about the way his brain works now that is so intriguing and interesting.  He’s so thoughtful and kind, and does so much to help us, his sister, his friends and his teacher.  I. Just. Love. Him.  That is all. :)


October 14 October 14, 2013

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Just have to share a quick conversation that happened in my backseat this afternoon.


Allie has this boo-boo on her thumb that happened today at the babysitter’s house.  She has a way of being TOTALLY fine, and then she’ll remember that she hurt herself–hours or days ago–and suddenly she’s crying hysterically about how much her thumb hurts.  Well once she was over this latest boo-boo incident, she started talking about the previous one.


Riley: Allie, do you remember when you burned yourself?

Allie:  Yeah, I burned my fumb on Momma’s hair oven.

Riley: Hair oven??

Allie: Yeah.

Riley: Do you mean her hair iron?

Allie: No, I burned my fumb on her hair Iron Man, Bubba!


I love 2 1/2 year olds and their silly words. :)


(Oh, and just for the record, today’s thumb injury was still being wailed about long past bed time.  Yes–she’s a drama queen!)


October 10 October 11, 2013

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Do you have a special place you like to go with your family?  A place where every member of your group has fun and feels happy?  Well, we do.  And it looks like this:

2013-10-10 16.37.12

Ha!  Fooled ya!  I know you thought I as going to post a picture of Disney World, right? Well, yes, that is one place, but this is another.  And yep–that’s a grocery store.  It’s a Dierbergs, actually, which is important to the story.  And to be even more specific, it’s the new Dierbergs in Des Peres.  This one is extra special because it has The Mezz.

2013-10-10 16.39.27

This may be one of Riley's favorite places in the whole world.  He requests a visit here pretty much every week.

This may be one of Riley’s favorite places in the whole world. He requests a visit here pretty much every week.  And all he wants to do is sit and relax. :)

2013-10-10 16.39.56

It's really a pretty cool place.  I love the view from here.

It’s really a pretty cool place. I love the view from here.

Ok, so I know it’s probably weird to some (ok, many!) of you that we would go to the grocery store so often–just to hang out, and not even to shop.  But Riley comes by it pretty honestly since Grant and I used to do the same thing way back in the day.  Sometimes we’d just go and walk the aisles after we had dinner on a night out.  You’re allowed to think it’s weird–that’s ok.  It’s just how we roll.  And so here I’ll add that we also do the same thing (just hanging out, I mean) at Whole Foods, too.

I can’t even really explain the draw of Dierbergs, but really I think it’s just because it’s so nice!  Also, the cinnamon brooms at the door just signal fall for me.  Can’t you just smell it? :)

2013-10-10 16.43.58

Ok, so I’ll stop sounding like a crazy person and just post one more cute pic of my kid.  And yes, it’s at Dierbergs, too.

2013-10-10 16.37.37


October 9 October 9, 2013

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2013-10-09 17.44.03

Ok, so I do not claim to be a photographer like many amazing people I know.  But I do fashion myself a pretty good writer, so I’ll explain my less-than-perfect pic with a story. :)

I am a chauffeur.  Ok, I’m a lot of things besides that, but I drive my little people around so much that I often feel like my car should really be a limo.

Today was one of those afternoons where the whole ride home had a soundtrack that included nit-picking and arguing and bickering from the back seat.  By the time we got home, I just needed a break.  So first I went to the bathroom (I know, right?  Funny how those are the free moments I get during the day.  But if you’re a parent, you can totally relate. :) ).  Then I sent my kids outside.  Just like I mentioned yesterday, I LOVE this October weather.  And I love that our house has a big yard to run around in.

And so after our frustrating car ride, I was glad to have a few minutes to myself.  But then I heard yelling, which drew me outside.  Luckily, though, what I found was not the help-me-my-brother-is-hurting-me kind of yelling, but the we’re-just-having-a-lot-of-fun kind of yelling.  And they were spinning around in circles making themselves dizzy.  Totally remember doing that as a kid–just because. :)

And while I know my pic is really low quality, I somehow love that they are blurry.  Can’t you just imagine how fast they were moving?  Fun October evening.  Again, with no shoes!


October 8 (Yes, I know it’s been 6 days…) October 8, 2013

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Here you go, Carrie. :)  Thanks for the kick in the toosh yesterday.  This pic happened because I was thinking of a conversation I’d had with Allie about sharing shoes with Daisy and so I was reminded of you, and so I took a picture.

2013-10-08 17.01.41

So I could as you to help me with a caption, there are many options for explanations I’ll share on my own:

*I love that no one is wearing shoes in this pic. Warm October afternoon in St. Louis.  After it was like 52 degrees and we had the heat on in the car this morning. Go figure. :)

*This is one of my kiddos’ favorite past-times: taking all of my patio furniture and creating trains out of it.  You would not believe where railroad transportation can take you these days!

*Today was picture day at school.  Originally Riley was going to wear the tie I made him for Easter, but then just went with the shirt on its own.  He looks very handsome, no?  Can’t wait to share what the official picture looks like.  Excited we remembered to get a haircut before picture day this year.

*Allie looks so old to me here!  Even the way she’s holding her legs says big girl instead of baby.  And right after this?  She pooped in her underwear.  Never a dull moment with that one.

Ok, and since I was also inspired by Carrie’s post yesterday about getting in front of the camera yourself, here’s a pic I took of myself on Picture Day.  After I got my official one taken and it looked weird.  Should have asked them to take another one.  Oh well. :)

IMG_1508(Man…why is it so weird to look at pictures of yourself?)

How was your warm October Tuesday?



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